Update and Deadpool Speculation

Quick update, I believe i have everything sorted at least for now so reviews will start going up, my first review of a new film will be on Deadpool which is released on Wednesday (the 10th of Feb) so the review will go up on Wednesday or Thursday depending.
I’m very excited for this I love the Deadpool character from the comics, ‘Deadpool kills the Marvel universe’ is a great comic for a sadistic nerd like me, and it’s follow up ‘Deadpool Killustrated’ is a lot of fun and tore my childhood apart in the best way possible! I love his other appearances in other comics too and the Deadpool game from 2013 is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played.
The marketing for this film has been spot on so as long as the film follows the themes of its advertising, with the fourth wall breaking and meta self-awareness it should be fun, so I’m excited and hope I’m not disappointed.
It can’t be worse than X-men origins haha



Had a major freak out over this thing about having a host page, i tried to sign up with one an paid the full subscription and everything hen had no idea of what I’m doing so I’m in the process of backing out and getting a refund till I know more about what I’m doing.
I think my confusion came from the act that all the videos and walkthroughs I’ve seen on how to set up a blog have said that you need to get a host before you get WordPress but I signed on to WordPress first, is WordPress not a host?
Anyway that was a first setback amoungst many i’m sure haha hopefully this will all be fine.

The UK Reviewer: First Post

Being new to this new blogging thing, I have no idea how it works or what I’m supposed to do. I’ve gone through WordPress for everything but apparently I need a host as well? I don’t really know if anyone will even see this.

Anyway, my intention with this blog is to share my love of films, games, comics, books, plays etc. Once I have worked out whether I’ve done everything I need to actually do this properly I will start reviewing things.