Tremors (1990)-Film review


Tremors, staring Kevin Bacon and directed by Ron Underwood, is a survival monster movie with a similar premise to classic survival monster horror movies like Alien (1979) and the Thing (1982). Set in the small isolated town of ‘perfection’ in Nevada, tunnelling monsters start picking off the towns folk one by one and they must try to survive and escape. The film has a very simple premise and doesn’t try to make it more complicated than it is, it doesn’t take itself too seriously or get bogged down with explanations. It is in no way a perfect film and if you wanted to you could spend your time picking out all the plot holes, but then you’d miss the point as its just a fun monster horror movie and a great popcorn flick. Once you relax and get into the story it has some funny moments and is a very entertaining film.
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Super (2010)-Film review


Super is directed by James Gunn and stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon. It is a dark and brutally violent comedy about a religious fanatic who believes God has chosen him to fight crime after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. The film had some cool and funny moments, but is also very messed up and a bit depressing, so some of the comedy struggles to come through. The film has a very similar premise to Kick-Ass as its a normal person trying to be super hero, and a lot of similar things happen in the two films (although they came out in the same year so I wouldn’t say this was a rip off of Kick Ass). The big difference, though, is that Super keeps it feeling gritty. While being funny at times, it doesn’t have the fun tone of kick ass and is actually a bit of a downer throughout when you think about it.  Continue reading “Super (2010)-Film review”

Room (2015)-Film review


Room is directed by Lenny Abrahamson and stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay as a mother and her 5 year old son who are being held in a tiny room and have been since before the boy was born. The film is very small and personal and has a very upsetting premise, but an overall feeling of hope and love in dark times. It is sweet and heartwarming while simultaneously being tragic and soul crushing. I don’t want to spoil anything from this film so my review might be a bit vague, but that is because I knew very little about this film when I went to see it, and that made this film an amazing experience.
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Grimsby (2016)- Film review


Grimsby is a new comedy by Sacha Baron Cohen, star of Borat, and is directed by Louis Leterrier and staring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong. The film is about two brothers, one an international super spy (Strong), the other an idiotic football fan from Grimsby London (Cohen), who must team up to stop an Eco-terrorist group. I can’t really say I was disappointed by the film because I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m sad to say that this film was a disaster!
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Spotlight (2015)- Film review


Spotlight is directed by Tom McCarthy and stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Brian d’Arcy James, John Slattery, Liev Schreiber and Stanley Tucci. It is a biographical film about the Spotlight reporters for the Boston Globe who uncovered the child molestation scandal within the Catholic Church. This horrible discovery in recent history is harrowingly presented in this film; it is tough to experience, but that’s what makes the film great. It doesn’t dumb down the events or over dramatise them, but instead presents them with terrifying truth, Spotlight is really brilliant.

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What We Do In The Shadows (2014)-Film review


What We Do In The Shadows is a mockumentary horror comedy written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi and stars Clement, Waititi and Jonny Brugh as three classic vampires who share a house in modern day New Zealand. The camera crew follow and interview Viago (Waitit), Deacon (Brugh) and Vladislav (Clement) and others as they try to attract pray, deal with vampire hunters, and hide in society, while also dealing with modern life and the stresses of house-sharing. It is a very funny and original and is full of heart, it never feels cliché or cheesy, it is a really enjoyable film.
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World War Z (Max Brooks)- Book review 


World War Z, an oral history of the zombie war, is a novel by author Max Brooks. Set after the end of a massive world wide war against the living dead, the book is a collection of storys and accounts from people all over the world who survived the outbreak of the undead collected by an unknown interviewer. The Interviewer sets up in the introduction how he wants emotional, personal, accounts from all aspects of the war; the story’s flow from the first appearances of zombies, to the start of the chaos, to how the planet started fighting back. The book is expansive and a fascinating fictional account of war, featuring classic George A Romero style zombies, that feels horrifyingly real. Max Brooks shows a masterful writing style with such amazing attention to detail that makes World War Z feel like a real historical account and not a work of fiction.
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