Captain America: Civil War (2016)-Film review

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Captain America Civil War is the latest film in the ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the 3rd Captain America film, although it seems much more like the 3rd Avengers film as it features the majority of hero’s that we’ve seen before (excluding Hulk and Thor), and introduces the characters Black Panther and Spiderman to the growing pool of superheroes. Based very loosely on the 2005 comic book series of the same name, this film pits the Avengers against each other, as leading Hero’s Captain America and Ironman disagree over a decree to turn the hero’s into assets of the UN; Ironman believes they need to be controlled, as when they are left to their own devices innocent people can sometimes get hurt, whereas Captain American believes they shouldn’t be weapons for a government as they can be corrupted. The film is very much about this clash of ideology between these two powerhouses, as all the characters we’ve come to know and love are forced to take a side and fight people they once saw as friends. It also continues the story of Bucky Barns a.k.a. The Winter Soldier that was started in the last Captain America film. The film is directed by the Russo Brothers and stars the returning cast of Chris Evans, Robert Downy Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Rudd, and introduces Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther and Tom Hollan as Spiderman.     Continue reading “Captain America: Civil War (2016)-Film review”


The Jungle Book (2016)- Film review

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The Jungle book is a live action remake of Disney’s classic animated musical of the same name. It has a lot of the same characters and the same basic plot as the original film, but tries to expand and modernise certain things to make it feel fresh and new. The film follows the human child Mowgli, who grows up in the forest with a pack of wolves and his guardian Bagheera, a black panther. After the lives of himself and his pack being threatened by the Tiger Shere Khan Mowgli is forced to leave, and with the help of Bagheera and a variety of other animals, including the care free Bear Baloo, makes his way to the human village on the edge of the jungle. It is a very simple story that has potential to be a lot of fun, and I’m happy to say this film was. This adaptation is directed by Jon Favreau and stars child actor Neel Sethi as Mowgli and the voices of Sir Ben Kingsley, Bill Murry, Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken. Continue reading “The Jungle Book (2016)- Film review”

Eddie the Eagle (2016)-Film review


Eddie the Eagle is the true story about English Ski-jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and his quest to achieve his lifelong ambition of become an Olympic athlete, despite not really being very good at sport. The film follows Eddie, played by Taron Egerton, as he tries relentlessly to achieve his dream of competing in the World famous event. The film is a feel-good story of determination and never giving up no matter how hard it can get which, while there are many films with similar morals, stood out amongst them as a very uplifting, motivational and an all-round enjoyable film; it didn’t try to be anything more than an entertaining story that makes you feel proud and full of excitement, which is something I don’t feel has been done as well as this in a while. The film is directed by Dexter Flecther and stars afore mentioned Taron Egerton, supported by Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary, Eddies’ coach. Continue reading “Eddie the Eagle (2016)-Film review”