Eddie the Eagle (2016)-Film review


Eddie the Eagle is the true story about English Ski-jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and his quest to achieve his lifelong ambition of become an Olympic athlete, despite not really being very good at sport. The film follows Eddie, played by Taron Egerton, as he tries relentlessly to achieve his dream of competing in the World famous event. The film is a feel-good story of determination and never giving up no matter how hard it can get which, while there are many films with similar morals, stood out amongst them as a very uplifting, motivational and an all-round enjoyable film; it didn’t try to be anything more than an entertaining story that makes you feel proud and full of excitement, which is something I don’t feel has been done as well as this in a while. The film is directed by Dexter Flecther and stars afore mentioned Taron Egerton, supported by Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary, Eddies’ coach.

The performances of the films two leads were both outstanding. Edgerton, coming straight from a good performance in Kingsman last year, shows how much potential he has as an actor in this more complicated and quirky role. He has some very unique mannerisms, and a great West Country accent, that never falter throughout the film and make Egerton unrecognisable. He disappears into the role and is fantastic to watch. He makes Eddie so loveable and you feel more and more attached and supportive of him as the film goes on. His determination and courage is very inspiring, and you can’t help falling in love with his never say never attitude and his enthusiasm. He doesn’t mind if he comes last, all he wants is to do his best and have a great time doing it.
Jackman’s performance as Eddie’s rebellious coach is also very entertaining. He has a cool and sometimes harsh exterior, and an alcohol problem, but also a hidden sensitivity and supportive nature that makes his character three dimensional and relatable. Not to mention the terrific charisma and charm that Jackman seems to bring to every role, making it so you can’t help liking him. He is a great support to Egerton, and has possibly one of the coolest moments in cinematic history which I won’t spoil, but it was awesome.

Fletcher does a really good job of making the ski jumps feel imposing. When Eddie is at the bottom looking up the slope, or at the top looking down, you feel how terrifying it must feel to him, which makes it all the more heroic when he ignores that and goes for it with a smile on his face, something I know I personally would be too terrified to even think off. As the film went on I got more and more invested in Eddie’s journey making some moments actually feel quite tense, as I was on the edge of my seat watching Eddie shoot down that slope. It is also brilliantly paced as I never thought there was a slow moment, it just built up superbly. The film has brilliant comedy and is exciting, touching, uplifting and an all-round happy film that I hope will entertain you as much as it did me.

Eddie the Eagle does what it set out to do perfectly. It is full of heart and energy with two outstanding and potentially Oscar worthy performances. I have no idea how accurate the film is but to be honest I don’t care, the film feels real. It is definitely a must see in my opinion, I left the cinema feeling all warm inside with a big smile on my face and I can’t remember the last film that did that.

P.S. The film is quite like Cool Running’s, which if you haven’t seen is about a Jamaican Bob Sled team and is also very good. There is a reference to that film in this one which I thought was a great touch.



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