Batman, The Long Halloween- Comic Review

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I really don’t want to spoil much from the plot of this story as the mystery is a lot of the enjoyment, but the basic plot is that an unknown killer starts to murder family members of the Gotham mob coinciding with anual holidays, starting with Halloween, while Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent are trying to uncover the killer; and it is an amazing Batman story!
Created by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, it is a gripping tale from start to finish, I found it hard to put down as the book goes through the events of the killings and the mystery becomes more and more complex. Rather than be over-the-top like a lot of comics can sometimes become (which is fine if your into that sort of thing, I know I am), The Long Halloween takes a much more serious and realistic tone and is a very personal story to Batman, avoiding any Superman or other Justice league crossovers, which I feel makes this more accessible to a wider audience and not just comic fans. It’s beautifully draw, the artwork and colouring is dark and serious which really fits the tone the story was going for. If you’ve not read much or any Batman comics before and feel like having a try then this may be a good start, also check out Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One for a great origin story to Batman.
You also get a taste of a wide range of Batman’s vast selection of villains with appearances from Catwoman, the Joker and many more. These don’t feel forced in but really add to the depth of the story.
If this wasnt enough Christopher Nolan used The Long Halloween as one of his main inspirations for The Dark Knight, and you can really see his inspiration in this. The story is Dark and Gritty and reads more like a Graphic Novel in the veins of Watchmen than a comic.
My only criticism of the comic is the ending is kinda rushed and disjointed, it jumps around a lot and was hard for me to follow i had to go back and read it again. It leaves you guessing a little too much for the type of story it is so if a bit more time was given to the resolution it would be perfect.

However, The Long Halloween is one of my favourite Batman storys and in my opinion a must read for anyone who likes Batman.


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