Deadpool (2016)-Film review


Ok so I’m a big fan of the Deadpool character, so I was naturally excited for this movie, I’d heard good things about it before and I was going in with high hopes. I did have that edge of caution though as films have disappointed me before, and I’m not the biggest Ryan Reynolds fan.  However, I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed in the slightest!

I don’t quite know where to start, but this film has a clear goal and does perfectly in achieving it! They got Deadpool spot on, easily my favourite Ryan Reynolds performance by a long way, he is perfect as the Merc with a mouth, he brings the comedy and the crudeness and steals the entire film. The fourth wall breaking is unbelievable and spot on, it’s very self aware and isn’t afraid to openly mock other franchises, from Marvel to DC and plenty of other stuff too. Reynolds makes fun of his own career too. A truly hilarious film with incredible references throughout, the oversaturation of super hero movies coming out at the moment makes this the perfect time for Deadpool to come in and flip his middle finger up to all of them.
The films not just a standard action comedy though, it is also surprisingly well made and direct by first time feature director Tim Miller (whom I’m sure we will be seeing much more of). The action is intense as well as funny, and not full of shaky cam and jump cuts so you can actually tell whats going on. You can just tell that Miller and Reynolds are fans of the comics as they bring them to film so well.
If your expecting a standard super hero amount of violence, be warned this film is indescribably violent! It is gruesome with no remorse, if you don’t like blood or anything like that this might just make you throw up, but you’ll still love it because the violence is hilarious too. It’s also very crude, no joke is too rude for this film.
The supporting cast was very strong too, especially T.J. Miller, who was just as funny as Reynolds. But there honestly wasn’t a weak link in the cast. And I want to take a minute to talk about how pleased I was with Colossus. Being a big X-men comic fan, I love Colossus, being a huge Russian made of metal but also being very soft and sensitive; but I’ve had to put up with the other X-men films dull uninteresting Colossus, who’s just an American jock who can turn shiny but doesn’t really do anything (apart from in Days of Future Past he has some alright moments in that). Deadpool got Colossus spot on, I mean absolutely perfect and the Colossus from the comics I’ve been waiting to see! I want more X-men to join the Deadpool franchise because they just do them so much better apparently! Sure he was C.G.I and it wasn’t the best C.G.I ever but it was fine and didn’t take away from how cool he was.
In fact none of the C.G.I was off putting as they blended the practical and special effects really well throughout the film.

I mean sure this film isn’t the ‘the next big step in cinematic history’ or whatever, but it is utter fun and is, in my opinion, the best of the mountains of comic book films we’ve had over the last few years.

P.S. I can’t believe I did this but the film had an after credits bit (I mean of course it would) but I was just chatting with my girlfriend while we waited for it and I somehow accidently predicted what the after credits scene would be and it made me so happy haha and it made me very pumped for Deadpool 2 in a way that a 2 second clip of Thanos could never ever do, screw Infinity War I’m watching Deadpool haha


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