The Voices (2014)- Film review 

The voices

So after seeing Deadpool and absolutely loving Ryan Reynolds in that I thought I’d give him another shot and see some of his films that I’d skipped previously, as after Green Lantern and X-men Origins Wolverine I’ve not been a fan of his, One of my friends recommended the Voices so i thought I’d start with that and I must say my opinion on Ryan Reynolds has completely changed for the better. 

Let’s just say right away that this film is very weird and not everyone is gunna love this film, it’s quirky and uncomfortable and deals with a crazy serial killer in a funny way. If you like films like Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges and American Psycho and the original Evil Dead trilogy or any other really dark comedy you might like this, but if your not a fan of really dark comedy or weirder films then it might not be for you. It’s understandable why this film wasn’t really well received, but I personally thing it’s a very good film.

It’s very creatively directed by Marjane Satrapi, with a crazy amount of juxtaposition in the film making is amazing. The tone, colouring and music (a lot of the  soundtrack is original which is something films hardly ever do and it’s amazing!) are all very bright and cheery and happy, and it’s hilarious! But then there are moments which are so dark and sad and disturbing and you realise what you’ve been laughing at and it really messes with you, but then it’s happy again! Some of the shots are very creative and stylish. You can tell this film was made by some who just loved making her own original idea and isn’t making it to please anyone but because she’s passionate about it, which doesn’t always pay off but in this case it does!
Ryan Renolds is incredible in this film, I know in my Deadpool review I said that that was Ryan Reynold’s best performance, and while I still think that was his funniest and most enjoyable one, the range he shows in this film is amazing! He is socially awkward but also sweet but then you see him going more and more insane. He brings the fear when he needs it and the joy when he needs it and his decent into darkness is incredibly shown. He truly is brilliant as Jerry the innocent and naive serial killer. He also shows his vocal talents and more of his comedic skills as he voices Jerry’s Cat Mr.Whiskers, who’s Scottish, and Dog Bosco, who sounds maybe a little bit like Goofy? (did I not mention this film has talking animals?) and they’re hilarious but also kinda scary at times, and they sound nothing like Ryan Reynolds so I was amazed when I realised it was him! I think that while this isn’t as funny as Deadpool, it is technically a better performance as Ryan Reynolds shows acting ability that I never imagined he had.

I know I’ve brushed over what the plot of this film is but that’s because the plot is so crazy and unpredictable and original that I don’t want to spoil it! In very short terms it’s about a guy that becomes a serial killer due to the voices he hears through his pets, but it’s so much more complicated and deep than that!

Sure it has some pacing issues in the second half and it’s weirdness might be a bit much for some people, and some of the characters that aren’t played by Reynolds are a little bland, but I think that because of the films uniqueness and the range of emotions it made me feel, and just how much it made me think about how it was made and how stylish it is, that this is a must see if your into film making or the darker side of movies, but be warned it might not be to your taste. It definitely is to mine.

P.S You can probably tell that this film made me very excited as I love when original films like this work and I also love dark comedies! So I apologies if my review is quite rambly cos I found it hard to work out how to cohesively review the film so I just went off on one haha The soundtrack is amazing and original and I’ve downloaded it now cos it’s so much fun. I’ve also pre-ordered a blu-Ray stealbook of Deadpool cos I loved it so much haha


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