Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)- Film review


I rewatched this classic comedy today and felt like talking about it. The Holy Grail is the first feature length film the Monty Python crew made (not including And Now For Something Completly Different as it’s just a film lenght collection of sketches) and obviously is made by and stars the 6 Pythons: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin. It is an amazing and influential comedy so if you’ve not seen it you really should go back and give it a go.

Firtsly, this is probably one of the most quotable films of all time! Every scene is like a different sketch, filled with jokes, from smart pollitical humour to meta self aware jokes to stupid yet brilliant gags like a murderous rabbit. It does feel very sketch like, as it just seems the charcters move from set piece to set piece without much connecting them. King Arthur (Graham Chapman), the medival setting and the quest for the Holy Grail are really the only thing that connects each of the scenes, as they are all really just individual sketches with the same characters. This is probably down to the fact that the Pythons started with there stektch show ‘High Flying Circus,’ and so this being there first film the sketch show style naturally would be part of it, and they later moved away from this with ‘Life of Brian,’ which feels like a much more structured and formed film. The fact that this film is really just a series of sketches is really not a problem though as a lot of them are very funny and smart. Most of the sketches are brilliant and renowned as Monty Python classics to this day, like the Black Knight or Bring Out Your Dead scenes. Unfortuatly some of them do feel a little dated to me, or are just a bit to drawn out to have the same effect, for example, the scene where Lancelot (John Cleese) tries to save Terry Jones from th castle just feels really drawn out and wasn’t as fun as the rest of the film.
The film is full of the quirky humour the Python’s are famous for, like the animated sections or the musical parts, so if your a fan of weird humour you’ll enjoy them, but if not you might find them distracting or off putting.
This is a comedy classic though so despite being a little dated at times it’s still definitly worth a watch.

P.S. The film has one of the best opening credits i’ve ever seen! Keep an eye out for the Moose haha


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