Grimsby (2016)- Film review


Grimsby is a new comedy by Sacha Baron Cohen, star of Borat, and is directed by Louis Leterrier and staring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong. The film is about two brothers, one an international super spy (Strong), the other an idiotic football fan from Grimsby London (Cohen), who must team up to stop an Eco-terrorist group. I can’t really say I was disappointed by the film because I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m sad to say that this film was a disaster!

I realised about 20 minutes in that this film is essentially a huge rip off of Kingsman. Everything feels like a cheap spoof version of that film; the premise of a working class guy becoming a super spy is the same as Kingsman, the villains plan and motivation are pretty much a stupider version of Kingsman. Even the style was ripped off, the spy tech is too similar, and Grimsby tried to use the same first person camera in the action scenes that Kingsman used, except in Grimsby it was so full of cuts and shaky cam that it was impossible to tell what was going on so the action scenes were just a boring set of flashing lights and loud noises that weren’t entertaining at all. It was annoying me how similar this film was to Kingsman (they even both have Mark Strong!) and how much worse it was, I was sitting there wishing I could leave and watch Kingsman instead. The poster is even similar!

This film failed as a comedy. I think I chuckled about 3 times towards the end of the film but that was it and this is a film by Sasha Baron Cohen! I was expecting crude sex and toilet jokes, and Cohen tends to do well at that type of comedy, but this film is jammed with dumb humour that isn’t there for any purpose at all. It’s not smartly done like other films, there was no message behind it that I could see, there was just so much of the crude comedy that it didn’t even trigger a reaction, it was just boring and felt unbelievably lazy!

It was sad to see two brilliant actors in this film. Cohen’s character Nobby didn’t have any likeable traits in the slightest! In the past he’s managed to make seemingly unlikeable characters (such as Borat or the Dictator) loveable, but he’s very irritating in this so it was annoying, it made watching him through the film feel like a chore.
At least Strong wasn’t horrible to watch. He wasn’t doing anything new, but he seemed to be trying and he brought some energy in the scenes he was in. It was just drowned in all the other mess that this film is. It’s a shame to see these two actors in this excuse for a comedy.

Grimsby is not worth your time or money, it is lazy, unoriginal and boring.

P.S. Things like South Park use crude comedy so well, Cohen has managed to make some really good films using crude humour. It works when you build it up or just put some thought into it! This film doesn’t build at all it starts disgusting and so didn’t go anywhere. I was bored during the film and pissed off afterwards. A few people seemed to enjoy it in the cinema I was in though, I don’t understand why.


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