Logan (2017)-Film Review

Logan is the third spin-off film following the popular X-men character Wolverine, as portrayed by Hugh Jackman, in what is supposedly his last time playing this character. Set in the near future, Wolverine, who is an old and beaten version of the hero he once was, is caring for an ailing Charles Xavier in a secret hideout on the Mexican Border. However, Wolverine’s attempts to hide himself and his history from the world are forced into turmoil when he meets a new young mutant, who is being chased by dangerous forces. This film follows Deadpool in being an adult rated X-men film. However, this film, unlike Deadpool, is very mature, dark, and a much more serious and dramatic portrayal of a super hero story. It is more on The Dark Knight end of the superhero film spectrum than the Iron man end, there are hardly any jokes or quips, and the action is probably the most brutal and violent action I’ve seen in a mainstream superhero film, even more so than Deadpool as Deadpool’s violence was cosmetically over the top. This film is actually more of a character study of these characters that we have known for years, and is definitely one of my favourite X-men films. It’s intense, engaging, emotional, visceral and ever so exciting. The film stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafne Keen, and is directed by James Mangold. Continue reading “Logan (2017)-Film Review”


Prisoners (2013)- Film review


Prisoners is an intense thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano. The story surrounds the disappearance of two young girls, Anna and Joy, and the actions of Keller Dover (Jackman), Anna’s father, and Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) as they each try to find the girls in very different ways. When Detective Loki is forced to release primary suspect Alex Jones (Dano), Keller takes matters into his own hands. Prisoners is a harrowing and deeply disturbing film about how far this father will go in order to find his daughter. I don’t want to say any more as this is a mystery and it goes places that really surprised me. It is a tough film to stomach but is worth it in the end. Continue reading “Prisoners (2013)- Film review”

Eddie the Eagle (2016)-Film review


Eddie the Eagle is the true story about English Ski-jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and his quest to achieve his lifelong ambition of become an Olympic athlete, despite not really being very good at sport. The film follows Eddie, played by Taron Egerton, as he tries relentlessly to achieve his dream of competing in the World famous event. The film is a feel-good story of determination and never giving up no matter how hard it can get which, while there are many films with similar morals, stood out amongst them as a very uplifting, motivational and an all-round enjoyable film; it didn’t try to be anything more than an entertaining story that makes you feel proud and full of excitement, which is something I don’t feel has been done as well as this in a while. The film is directed by Dexter Flecther and stars afore mentioned Taron Egerton, supported by Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary, Eddies’ coach. Continue reading “Eddie the Eagle (2016)-Film review”