The Lego Batman Movie (2017)- Film review

The Lego Batman Movie is a spin-off from the Lego Movie, and follows Lego Batman as voiced by Will Arnett. The style of the film is much like the style of the Lego Movie, being very fast paced and full of jokes and references to pop culture. The film is a spoof of everything we have seen from the character batman, from the 60s to the recent DC films, but also has a pretty sweet story amongst the gags about Batman dealing with loneliness and struggling with the concept of family. Batman is afraid of relationships and relying on other people, he resists working with the police and refuses to admit to the Joker that they have a connection, but when he accidentally adopts Dick Grayson he is forced to try to connect with the people who care about him. If you’re not a fan of referential humour and pop culture comedy, you didn’t like the Lego Movie, and don’t have a basic knowledge of the Batman franchise, then you probably won’t enjoy this film. I like all of those things though and I thought this film was an absolute blast. The Lego Batman Movie is directed by Chris McKay and stars the voices of Will Arnett. Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes and Zach Galifianakis.

I think it should go without saying that the quality of animation in this film is pretty spectacular. There is a great use of colour that makes this film even more pretty than I would have expected. The film is just as creative and playful with the Lego style as the Lego Movie was. The only thing that I found a bit disappointing about the animation was the lack of Lego water. The water effects were all good but it didn’t look like the water was made of Lego, like it was in the Lego Movie.
This film goes all out on the comedy. It is very fast paced and packed full of jokes. The fact that there are so many jokes means that some of them land better than others, but, overall, I found this film consistently funny from start to finish. There is obviously a lot of jokes aimed at a younger audience, and those were funny enough, but the references to older Batman films, the visual comedy, and the way the characters acted is what had me in stitches. It’s obviously not incredibly intelligent humour, being more silly and on the nose, but they really pulled off the goofy comedy without it being annoying. The film pulls from all of Batman’s extensive history in order to create the spoof comedy. This film is a Spoof done right, it makes me want to see lots of Lego themed films to spoof franchises that we know and love. The voice acting was all on point and full of energy. Will Arnett puts so much energy into voicing Lego Batman, which is what made him a standout character in the Lego Movie. Galifianakis as the Joker was also a lot of fun, and his obsession with Batman acknowledging that he is his greatest villain is a brilliant parody of the character. Despite being a comedy, this film does actually have a sweet and relatable story about family, which works really well because all the characters are relatable as well as humorous parodies.

I know this review shorter than normal, but that’s because there’s not much to say about this film other than that it’s a very funny and well-made film that is also a brilliant spoof of a character I love. It isn’t for everyone, but if you liked the Lego Movie I’d say you will probably like this as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this film for what it was, it doesn’t take itself seriously and just aims to have fun with its characters.

P.S. Apologies for missing movie Monday this week, I was busy all week helping with the lighting of a School production of Les Mis that went really well. Movie Monday will continue as normal next week. On another note, this film went all out with its ending in a way I thought was awesome, it could have crashed and burned but I found it amazing!


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