Tremors (1990)-Film review


Tremors, staring Kevin Bacon and directed by Ron Underwood, is a survival monster movie with a similar premise to classic survival monster horror movies like Alien (1979) and the Thing (1982). Set in the small isolated town of ‘perfection’ in Nevada, tunnelling monsters start picking off the towns folk one by one and they must try to survive and escape. The film has a very simple premise and doesn’t try to make it more complicated than it is, it doesn’t take itself too seriously or get bogged down with explanations. It is in no way a perfect film and if you wanted to you could spend your time picking out all the plot holes, but then you’d miss the point as its just a fun monster horror movie and a great popcorn flick. Once you relax and get into the story it has some funny moments and is a very entertaining film.
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Super (2010)-Film review


Super is directed by James Gunn and stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon. It is a dark and brutally violent comedy about a religious fanatic who believes God has chosen him to fight crime after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. The film had some cool and funny moments, but is also very messed up and a bit depressing, so some of the comedy struggles to come through. The film has a very similar premise to Kick-Ass as its a normal person trying to be super hero, and a lot of similar things happen in the two films (although they came out in the same year so I wouldn’t say this was a rip off of Kick Ass). The big difference, though, is that Super keeps it feeling gritty. While being funny at times, it doesn’t have the fun tone of kick ass and is actually a bit of a downer throughout when you think about it.  Continue reading “Super (2010)-Film review”