28 Weeks Later (2007)- Film review

28 weeks later

28 Weeks Later is the squeal to 28 Days Later and is set 28 weeks after the zombie virus outbreak that happens in 28 Days Later. The rage infected humans have starved to death and the US military has sectioned off a section of London to begin bringing back English refugees. The film follows some children who find there mother in an abandoned section of London and she seems to have an immunity to the disease. It’s not as simple as that though and the action continues from there. Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and staring Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, Robert Carlyle, Harold Perrineau and Idris Elba, the film wasn’t well received, which I think is a shame because I think this is a really good sequel to 28 Days Later and if your enjoyed that film and want to know more about what happened to the world created you should check this out. 

I want to start with how great the opening scene is. It really stands out, it’s intense and fast and throws you right back into the brutality and terrifying nature of the rage virus. It feels like it would fit right in to 28 Days Later and is the perfect opening to the film. The intense scenes still have a lot of shaky cam, which creates intensity, but is still hard to follow like in 28 Days Later. They integrated some weird slow motion though which takes away from the tension and intensity.
Something that I think stands out more than in 28 Days Later is the acting, everyone (except maybe the kids) brings strong performances and the cast has a really good chemistry, especially the soldiers. Jeremy Renner really stands out as the most relatable character.
I also really like the films premise and story, it feels very original and it’s really interesting to see a world recovering after an apocalypse. The scenes have a much larger scale than the first one, which is quite small scale with only a few people. This one has large set pieces which is nice to see as a lot of sequels just try to do what the first one does, this one feels like a continuation of the story of the zombie outbreak which is good. The film has a higher budget so the  camera quality and effects quality are much better than 28 Days Later.

The problem is though that this film doesn’t feel as personal as 28 Days Later and isn’t as scary or disturbing, which is why it probably didn’t do as well. It lacks the really striking visual imagery that Danny Boyle created. It also lacks the tone created by Boyle as it just doesn’t feel as tense as the last one did as you don’t feel like your part of the action. It feels like your just watching the things happening, but you don’t feel involved like you did in 28 Days Later.
The problem with the film being larger in scale is that you don’t feel as connected, in Boyle’s film it just followed a few people trying to survive, but this one is much bigger so while it’s interesting to see it just isn’t as good an experience as Boyle’s was. 28 Days Later feels like Danny Boyles personal creation that he wanted to make, whereas 28 Weeks Later feels more like a stuido sequel.

I still feel like this is a good sequel though and continues the story well.

P.S. there’s a weird sub story where the Zombie dad is like following his kids through Londom which feels really weird. I absolutely love the ending of this film though it’s a great ending because it’s ballsy haha



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