The Naked Gun (1988)- Film review 

naked gun

The Naked Gun is a police spoof comedy from the creators of Airplane and Top Secret. Directed by David Zucker and staring Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, an incompetent cop who has to try and save Queen Elizabeth II from an assassination attempt. The creators of these spoof films (the Zuckers and Abrahams) are legends in the spoof comedy genre, with very over the top comedy with ridiculous gags mixed in with some surprisingly clever satire of the genres they are trying to spoof, whether it be disaster movies with Airplane, spy movies with Top Secret, or cop movies with The Naked Gun. While most people believe Airplane to be their best, I find it a little too messy; The Naked Gun is there best film in my opinion, it is absolutely hilarious and definitely a must see.

The film has a lot of very ridiculous comedic moments which wouldn’t make sense in any other comedy, but fit perfectly into there spoof as it’s supposed to be very over the top humour. There’s just too many ridiculous moments to go through, but if you turn off your brain and accept that what your watching isn’t serious in the slightest you’ll find the gags more and more entertaining! The film doesn’t slow down for a second, there are many, many jokes in every scene, whether it be innuendos, Frank (Nielsen) misunderstanding someone or taking a figure of speech literally, or the ridiculous things that just happen that I’ve already talked about. I find that this film interstates the insane humour a little bit better than Airplane, which is why I prefer it. I don’t know why exactly just the random things that happen feel like they fit a little bit better in The Naked Gun in my opinion.
The film is so quotable and is funny every time you watch it, I like to have it on in the background when I’m doing random stuff because it makes everything more entertaining. Leslie Nielsen earns his title as a comedy legend in this film. He plays everything with such sincerity, with a great monotone and deadpan delivery, but everything he says makes no sense and he comes a cross as a blatant idiot! But because he takes everything so seriously everything dumb he says is made 10x funnier. His stern expression hardly changes once, whether he’s chasing a fleeing assassin in the back of a driving instructors car or preparing to enter a full body condom to have sex, he has the same serious face and it’s amazing!
People may find it off putting that OJ Simpson’s in this film, but I find that it adds to the comedy because in every scenes he’s in he’s being either shot or thrown down stairs or drugged or thrown at a wall so it’s kinda like he deserves it now haha.

This film is an amazing spoof comedy and a definite must see! Leslie Nielsen really makes this film one off the greats.

P.S. Me and my Girlfriend played a fun drinking game when we watched this, you basically have to drink whenever any part of Frank Drebin’s name is said, or whenever he crashed his car, narrates, misunderstands something, or whenever there’s a sexual innuendo, it’s a lot of fun haha.


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