Blade (1998)-Film review 


Blade, staring Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson and N’Bushe Wright, is one of the first successful super hero films of this generation since the Superman and Batman films of the 1980s. It is, along with X-men and Sam Rami’s Spider-Man, is probably one of the reasons we have so many other super hero films as this was an example that it could work. This one is a bit forgotten about though which is a shame as I found this to be one of the best! It is a really good comic book film, and shames a lot of the current MCU and DCU films as it wasn’t afraid to be adult and it had a leading hero that was black, which the current ones have yet to do. Blade is, simply put, about a half-vampire vampire slayer, and is a great early super hero film!

Wesley Snipes absolutely owns Blade. He brings such an awesome screen presence’s, being the perfect level of cool. He is so badass and so entertaining to watch in every scene! He really makes blade his own, no one else could have played played Blade so well. His energy and whit are perfect, he had a lot of brilliant one liners and his delivery is just perfect. He really earns the title role and makes the film a lot of fun.
That’s what this film is, to best sum it up, it’s a lot of fun. It is full of really great well shot action which is very enjoyable, I was cheering every time Blade did some badass kill. It’s really well paced too there’s not too much down time between action scenes but just the right amount for the action to not get overwhelming and lose its impact.
Just the films opening scene in the nightclub sets up how awesome this film feels and how much fun it is to watch. The music is perfectly blended with the action and the atmosphere is tense and exciting in the club. The scene perfectly sets up the tone and themes of the film as its bloody, violent, fast paced and a tone of fun.
It is a very violent film too, this is before any super hero film had to be rated 12 or it wouldn’t do well (hopefully Deadpool will change that). It is very bloody and has the swearing and it’s perfect for the vampire slaying anti-hero that Blade is.

The film obviously has its flaws though. While a lot of the special effects hold up and still look fine, there are a few that look very bad and stand out unfortunately, especially the effects in the last scene. They stick out, in an otherwise fine set of CGI they are distractingly bad. Luckily there are good practical effects and some good CGI so it’s not all bad, just some in the last scene are terrible.
Plot wise the film was very by the numbers, it was fine just nothing new and a bit predictable. I found some elements a bit confusing though, and it was a little bloated with exposition at some points, but it wasn’t a big issue I just think I’d need to watch it again to get everything.
Finally, apart from Snipes, I found that most of the other characters and actors faded into the background and were rather forgettable. The villain Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) was very generic and boring, he was just there to give Blade something to hunt, and Dorff’s acting was a bit annoying at times. Karen (N’Bushe Write), who was a bit like Blades apprentice, was very forgettable as well. Wesley Snipes really steals the whole film. That being said Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) and Quinn (Donal Logue), who are Blade and Frost’s partners respectively, both were good, just not as good as Snipes.

Blade is a great comic book film that should have more recognition as its a lot of fun to watch.

P.S. I haven’t watched Blades sequels yet but I will at some point. Had a bit of a Vampire day today so my What We Do In The Shadows review will also be up soon, and it was funny to see a Blade reference in that film.


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