World War Z (2013)- Film review 


I’ve been reading the novel World War Z (which I will do a review of when I’ve finished, I’m not far from the end) so that’s why I’ve been in a zombie mood the last few days. I heard that the film World War Z has absolutely nothing to do with the book at all so that’s why I didn’t mind watching it before I finish reading it. It really doesn’t, it doesn’t even feel like it’s set in the same world as the book, because the zombies run in the film a which they don’t in the book. The film is its own story so if you like the film, go read the book because it’s completely different and awesome, and if you hate the film, go read the book because it’s completely different and awesome! It’s not the same characters or story or style or anything, the film is its own separate thing. Any way I’ll stop talking about the book and save that for my review, and I will ignore my opinions on the book for the bulk of this review, which is very easy to do because, like I said, they are completely separate. The film stars Brad Pitt and is directed by Marc Foster. 

I found this film rather forgettable if I’m honest, no part stood out as original or good. It felt like some parts where literally stolen from other better zombie films (like the fact that the virus takes 10 seconds to infect you and the zombies are fast is exactly the same as 28 Days Later, they even act the same as those zombies, its just a small thing I thought was odd as the zombies aren’t like that in the book so there’s no reason to make them like that in the film). It was very by the numbers unfortunately, it wasn’t like annoyingly bad or anything, but just average. A lot of the action scenes were full of annoying shaky cam and it wasn’t used well; the only good use of shaky cam is to try and increase the intensity and immersion of a sequence, and this doesn’t achieve that, it just made the action scenes feel like a lot of flashing lights and loud noises and I wasn’t invested in them in the slightest.
There wasn’t any tension or even anything scary about it, just a few forced in jump scares. It didn’t even have the gore and horrific violence that can make even the most unoriginal zombie films entertaining, it felt too safe for a zombie film. Zombies are supposed to be a hard army to face as they represent what we hate about ourselves and our fear of become mindless monsters, and the fear that your loved ones could be the very ones trying to eat you, but in this they were just a faceless army with no emotional connection to humanity at all, they could have been an army of bugs for all it mattered. An example of this is when a kids dad gets bitten and in the next scene he just realty doesn’t care at all.
I found most of the characters bland and the plot uninteresting, so when things that where supposed to be dramatic happened they had little emotional impact on me. There was one thing that happened that was supposed to be serious but was so random and ridiculous that I actually laughed!
I think the thing that really set this film back for me is the CGI they used on the zombies. They looked really weird to me! When there was a big crowd of them they rolled over each other and literally looked like water, it didn’t seem realistic it looked odd. When zombies rugby tackle people (best way to describe it haha) it looks almost cartoony, I found the CGI really off putting and jut distractingly bad.

I know it sounds like I’m being really negative, and there is a lot to pick apart, but if you switch of your brain it can be a kinda entertaining blockbuster, like a Jurassic World or a Fast and Furious type film that doesn’t do anything special for you but is an ok distraction for a couple of hours. Watching it with friends could be kinda fun if your joking about the major plot conveniences. And there are a could of things that are actually quite good. I’ve said before that the action scenes were annoying, well this mainly applied to the close up action, there are some large set pieces were actually quite impressive. I thought the scene when the zombies attacked Israel, while being kinda dumb at parts, was a very good spectacle and quite entertaining.
I also thought Brad Pitt was a good lead, he was charismatic and likeable and was probably the best thing about the film. He was the only character I cared even slightly about, but because he was the only character that was at all developed it just made him the standard action hero and so it just feels like he’s never gunna die no matter what; like I said before, no tension at all.

I will now bring the book up. This film is vastly inferior to the book in every way, but it was so different that I wasn’t annoyed that it was worse because I just didn’t related it to the book at all. The only similarities are the title and a couple of references. But I was just thinking that I’d rather be reading the book while I was watching the film.

I found this film to be remarkably average and very forgettable, I have no desire to watch it again. While it wasn’t exactly bad and it’s an alright standard action film, there are much better zombie storys (including the novel of this film) to invest your time in.

P.S. You can probably tell I’m loving the book, my review of it will be up as soon as I finish it. Me and my girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing at some parts of this film! SPOILER ALERT: The funny moment I was talking about earlier was this part when I guy trips over and accidentally shoots himself in the face, it was supposed to be sad but it was so funny haha.


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